Piper Denna


Excerpt, Victoria's Secret Wish

“Just like at the Mountain, initially we’ll attract the more confident, oversexed types. But by the third or fourth voyage, your average libidos will start showing up. And stay away from those cougars if you know what’s good for you, laddie.”

His warm lips nibbled her ear lobe. “I keep telling you. Laddie is an Irish term. No self-respecting Londoner would use it.”Crowds of singles and clusters of couples filed onto the deck below, checking in with attendants for directions to their rooms.

“Yeah, well. You’re no Londoner now, anyway. You’re mine, all American. Oh! Look who it is!”

“Who’s that, love?”

“He registered as Bo Davidson. See him down there in the red ball cap?”

Britt nodded against her neck.

“That’s David Roman, Olympic gold-medal swimmer.”

“Incognito, is he? Why didn’t he opt for the helipad arrival, if he’s here in secret?”

“I’m dying to know. Unlike other celebrities, he’s not traveling under his real name. Remember all that trouble he had last year at the summer Olympics, when he got busted for underage drinking?”

“Two days before his twenty-first, yeah?”

“Poor kid can’t get out of the media lights for a second. They tail him no matter where he goes, and twist everything into trouble.”

“And yet, I don’t see any paps in his wake.” Photographers followed lots of action from the dock. Several trained their cameras on her and Britt, as usual, but none seemed particularly interested in the guy with the ball cap. “How’d he manage to get on a sex cruise without them knowing?”

“I’m dying to know that, too.” She watched David--Bo--unfold a map of the ship and look up for signs. Damn, he was beautiful, even with that incognito stubble. Like a model for one of those Roman god statues, blond, tanned, and buff to the max.

“Vic? How’d you know so much about this bloke?”

“Hmm? Mm. Google.”

“You’re breathing fast.”

“You’ve been nibbling my neck for ten minutes.” She was breathing fast, though. And much as she should look away before Britt noticed her staring, she couldn’t. It appeared David--Bo--had found his bearing. He started off to the right, but then paused and looked right up at her. Good Lord, those blue, blue eyes. Almost as sink-into-able as Britt’s.

His head tilted to one side. Did he recognize her? Possibly. Her picture seemed to be everywhere these days, and it was widely publicized that she’d be on this cruise.

Where was her professional demeanor? She lifted a hand and waved.

“Your pulse is racing.” Britt’s voice was husky. “We’re going to meet this David, straightaway.” He waved down too.

David gave a small wave back, then hefted his pack onto his shoulder and went off toward the passenger suites.

“You’ve got to be the most unorthodox husband ever.” How could Britt possibly want to introduce his wife to a man who turned her on with a look?

“Every man wants to see his woman aroused, Vic. Just get used to the idea that I’m going to see your fantasy fulfilled on this trip.”

Should she ask him if he felt attracted to David too? Britt hadn’t guessed all of her fantasy. She didn’t just want to be with two men at once. She wanted the men actively participating with each other. To see Britt fondle another man. Hoo, boy. She got hot just thinking about it. But maybe she’d spring that part of the fantasy on him later.



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