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Fantasies, Inc. series

The night that started it all...

Confidential Craving

Fantasies, Inc. series, Book 0.5

Victoria walks into her friend’s law practice for an appointment regarding her new business, but leaves with a dinner date to pick up her documents…from his partner. The sexy attorney with a British accent has managed to reawaken the libido she’s ignored for months while launching Fantasies, Inc., an upscale resort pandering to sexual yearnings. And hey, if she’s going to capitalize on cravings, she might as well have some of her own, right?

Brett has been warned to stay away from Victoria. He’s to draw up her papers. Nothing more. Except, upon meeting her, he’s compelled to ask her out. First item on his menu? Seduction. He senses her bottled-up cravings and intends to uncork her, warnings be damned.






Private Desires, Fantasies Inc. Book 1

She arranges fantasy fulfillment for a living. Now it’s her turn.

Victoria has built a world-renowned business at Fantasy Mountain, the resort where no want is too wacky, no urge too unusual, no passion too peculiar. Her ability to create any sexual scenario has granted her everything she could want: power, money, independence. The one thing that remains out of her reach is the man she knows she’ll never have...and he happens to work just down the hall from her.

Brett has all but given up hope of breaching the wall around Victoria’s heart. In fact, he’s engaged to be married back in London in only two months. But he knows Victoria has desires; he’s seen them firsthand.

When a night of passion rekindles old feelings, can he finally fulfill the ultimate fantasy of the woman who’s made it her mission to satisfy everyone’s desires but her own? After all, whatever the erotic dream, it can come true at Fantasy Mountain.

Content Warning: Wild romps, no-holds-barred lust, and deep, meaningful lovemaking. A love story first, sparing no steamy details. Contains glimpses into very kinky fantasies.

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Victoria's Secret Wish, Fantasies, Inc Book 2

Three isn’t always a crowd.

“Erotica’s Sweethearts”, Brett and Victoria Grant, are launching the Fantasies, Inc. Aphrodite—a cruiseliner dedicated to carnal pleasures. Since the voyage is all about fantasies coming true, Brett is determined to see Victoria realize her own wildest dream: having two men at once.

Victoria can hardly keep her eyes—or hands—off gold medal swimmer David Roman when he boards the Aphrodite. And when Brett propositions David, she can’t say no. But Brett doesn’t know the extent of her fantasy. She wants him as into her other guy as she is. Will his adventurous spirit stretch that far?

David knows it’s a bad idea to get in the middle of the Grants’ marriage. He doesn’t have a kinky bone in his body—or so he thought before this trip—but the romps keep getting wilder and he keeps imagining more. And he really likes them both...as much in bed as out. If the paparazzi discover he’s involved with such a high-profile couple, his career is over. Is he willing to risk everything to continue?

WARNING: Adult sensuality and language, ménage a la two men bent on arousing their woman beyond all control, voyeurism, foot and hair fetish scenes, same sex situations, betrayal, and industrial espionage.

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Fantasies, Inc. Book 3: Liaison Liability

What happens at Fantasy Mountain stays at Fantasy Mountain…except when it doesn’t.

Trusting the “anonymity algorithms” Fantasy Mountain advertises, Emily treats herself to Blind Date weekend at the upscale sex resort. Her kinky side is a bit too risqué for the small community where she owns a business and holds a public office, so she’s taken herself completely out of the dating game. Still, a girl has needs, and the guy she hooks up with her first night there does an incredible job of meeting all those needs. Breaking the resort’s rules, they prolong their scheduled two-hour date and spend the entire weekend together.

As he leaves the resort, Jase realizes why Emily looks so familiar to him. He’s seen her business card—on his desk. Since he’s still recovering from a major emotional slapdown, he isn’t interested in a relationship, but he and Emily are smoking-hot in bed, and he’s not ready to tell her goodbye. A business meeting puts them in the same room, and Jase does everything he can think of to convince Emily they should get into bed again.

Going public with a new boyfriend now would be political suicide, especially since the guy is a client at her business. Still, Emily finds it impossible to resist seeing Jase on the downlow. Each tryst requires more trust, and puts everything she’s worked for at risk. The rush of sneaking around only serves to heighten her pleasure…and her appetite for more. But what will happen when their private play becomes public knowledge?






A Fireman for Christmas

Every fireman knows the value of a controlled burn…

One more Christmas lusting after her older brother’s best friend? Timi might lose her mind. Fed up with family holidays, she rents a cabin for one, planning a Christmas escape her drawings. But after numerous sketches turn out to be her rendition of Clay in the Hottest Firemen Calendar poster, she realizes location is just a technicality.

Fireman Clay can’t imagine spending Christmas without Timi around to ogle. Hearing she’s holed up in a lovers’ retreat, he can’t resist seeking her out. This year, he’s determined to start a fire and claim the gift he’s always wanted.






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Criminal Negligee, Lawless in Love Book 1

Boundaries, A Serial Novel

A preacher's daughter and a sexy agent undercover in an adult shop…what could possibly go wrong?

Web designer Lauren Rivers steps in to help out a friend, and finds herself running an adult lingerie and toy shop! Not only that, she has a sexy Drug Task Force agent watching her every move. Certain the owner of Saucy Secrets can’t be guilty of selling dangerous drugs through her shop, Lauren makes a rash bet to serve the handsome but aggravating Agent Galloway his dinner wearing a bustier from the shop if she's wrong…only to realize there's more to some of the skimpy ensembles, and to her feelings for him, than she bargained for.

Agent Jake Galloway just wants to wipe out the deadly brand of Ecstasy being sold in his city. Convinced it's connected to this adult shop, he intends to prove it. But when a pretty troublemaker keeps popping up at all the wrong times, he must choose to arrest her or bring her in as his partner. After all, nothing says he can't enjoy the investigation. Then Lauren is caught with circumstantial evidence, and Jake must choose: the girl, or the investigation?





Boundaries, Part 1

Tit for tat… When Ali learns her golf-pro husband has been emulating his idol both on and off the course, she decides to even the score. No emotions—just hot, hard sex. 

Cable guy Cam has just had the hottest service call of his life, and he’s definitely willing to schedule more episodes. Problem is, his package includes love, which is more than Ali signed up for. Can he convince her to upgrade? 

Boundaries, Part 2

Ali leaves for her usual summer trip to Colorado, but before she goes, Cam has a special day planned for them to make sure she won’t forget him while she’s gone. 

Cam wants Ali to enjoy her freedom and recommends she see other guys while she’s away. “Other guys” just might include a very inexperienced old high school crush… 

Boundaries, Part 3

Ali’s BFF starts acting stranger than normal, bringing up incidents in their past…incidents Ali would rather forget, and definitely has no plans to re-enact, no matter how much she’s pressured to.

Cam visits Ali in Colorado, and brings along a secret weapon in his crusade to make her fall for him. With Ali’s soon-to-be ex trying to make amends, she’s unsure about a new commitment. Cam takes up with a new girlfriend and encourages her to explore a little too…so she does.

Boundaries, Part 4

Believing Cam is happy in a relationship, Ali reconciles with Bill. He finishes in first place when she attends his golf tournament, but she’s shocked to learn what he’s actually been scoring.

Cam helps Ali pick up the pieces, but is he being distant to help her avoid more public scandal, or is he afraid she’ll hurt him again?

Ali uncovers the truth about who has been abusing her BFF, but is unsure how to help her.

Boundaries, Part 5

Ali is ready for a commitment with Cam, but before she can tell him, a major crisis arises. When she finally admits she loves him, he fears she’s confusing need with want.

Still trying to figure out how she can make things right with Cam, Ali walks into a confrontation with a deadly outcome.

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